iPod Car Accessories – When You Are Bored on a Car Journey

Going for a car ride sans your favorite music is no fun. Unless the passengers with an ear for melody have the feet-tapping songs playing, they are going to feel bored, restless and tired. This prompted the invention of iPod car accessories that completely transformed the digital world, providing a close interface between it and their cars. The sleek iPods with their high utility and easy operation have taken the population, specially the younger generation, by storm and have given the music lovers the best of both the worlds – of enjoying music even while being on the move! audio switch

Some of the most common iPod car accessories are:

•Car interface cables

•Radio cables

•Car mounts and holders

•Protective cases

•FM transmitters

•Headphones and ear-buds

•Car and AC chargers

•Cassette adapters

•Backup battery devices

iPod accessories are hot favorites of millions due to their:


•Functionality, usability

•Inexpensive installation compared to their incomparable utility

The two basic requirements for turning a monotonous car ride into a memorable, mellow, out-of-the-world experience involve:

•Getting the music from the iPod to the radio

•Letting the music create a powerful impact

The first task is resolved by simple iPod car accessories called the FM transmitters. Plugged into the iPod, they can be set on an unused radio station. Then tuning the radio to the station the iPod is airing you can get the music of your choice immediately. The most admirable feature of this is that there are no messy wires running between the iPod and the car radio. Another method if you have a cassette player is to plug in an adapter from the iPod into it. The third option is to establish a permanent connectivity between the car radio and your iPod. This is not difficult as almost all car radios have a slot where the car accessory iPod can be plugged in. It gives the best results but is slightly more expensive.

Important iPod car accessories include iPod speakers. These give reverberating sound effect but can be quite cumbersome owing to their loose fixture. iPod stereos can add power to the sound output. The car accessories mostly are either:

•Power-neutral or

•Draw power from iPod

The latter system is perfect for short distance driving. A charger is the right answer to this problem. An iPod car charger will keep it fully replenished, allowing the car rider longer hours of continued entertainment. With a permanent connection, either factory-made or installed later, you can control the iPod using the controls of the radio.

BMW were the pioneers in introducing an interface between iPod and automobile. Since then all manufacturers have been vying with one another to lure customers with innovative iPod car accessories and improved iPod connectivity to their vehicles.

An iPod owner wishing to have a musical car ride as well, will ensure that he is equipped with the latest accessory that will bring him

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